Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crouching tiger hidden Airedale

Hi :)

I am feeling 100% better. I think I just had a little puppy stomach bug. Yesterday started off with me waking mom up at 5am. She likes that on the weekdays because I can be her alarm clock (I think) but not so much on the weekends, that story is for another day. I went outside and did my business like a good little Airedale. We always play for a little bit in the morning . Today I thought the pull handle thing on the recliner was out to get me so we had a little argument (and a small argument with my favorite toy, it tried to gag me). I will post the video as soon as mom figures out how to put it on here. After we got done playing mom gives me a bully stick to chew on when she get ready for work.

I love my bully sticks!!!

If any of you dogs out there haven't tried them you don't know what your missing.

 Mom dropped me off to play with my favorite friends on her way to work.
Me, Zoey and Bucky

Can you see me now??
 I am always super excited to see mom when she picks me up to take me home, She was a little late yesterday because she had to meet up with some friends and I could not go along.

Thats ok though, once she finally picked me up we when home and played out side for a while. I am pretty fascinated with these new colorful things that keep popping out of the ground. Mom says they are flowers and they are blooming because its spring. I just think they look pretty interesting to chew on.

Well that was my day. More excitement and adventure tomorrow (hopefully!!)


  1. Charlee, you're SUCH a cutie pie!!! Welcome to the wild, wooly, world of blogging!