Friday, April 15, 2011

I forgot!!

I cant believe I forgot to tell you. Last night when mom picked me up she thought I was getting heavier. (Well yea Mom I'm a growing Airedale) Well out of her curiosity she decided to weigh me. Guess What!! I am now 16 pounds!! I wont be 10 weeks till Sunday and I'm already 16 pounds. I'm so proud of myself

PS, I like to drive too!!


  1. YOO HOO!! Agatha and ARchie here!! Listne you have to be THE CUTEST PUP! Pl2 said she wanted to some throught the computer and kiss you!!(but we know she won't fit!!) WE look forward to all of your naughty adventures!! love A+A

  2. Thank you!!!! and trust me the naughtyness never ends in my house hold, bahahaha, just dont tell mom :)