Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hello Friends!! I had the most amazing day today I had to tell you right away! It started off like any other day, get up, go outside, play with mom but then my friend Jenny came over.

 Mom, Jenny and Me loaded in the car and went to a place called McDonald's. Mom and Jenny got some treats but I didn't get anything. That's OK the fun was going to come later.

Please let me use the camera, I think I can do better than you

This afternoon we had some great play time. I have three favorite balls and today I had all of them going!

Then we played some tug. Mom was impressed I am getting really strong!! She wont be able to hold on forever.

Then of course somebully stick time, nom nom nom, Lovin the bully stick!

Then I went outside the do my business and GUESS WHAT?!? It was snowing!! In April!! I know Wisconsin has some crazy weather but this is just odd. I keep hearing about this thing called Spring but I don't think it will ever get here.

Snow flakes on the fur

Mom whats going on why is there snow flakes in my fur?

SEE, please make them stop

After trying to figure out why that snow was coming down I came inside for a nice belly rub. I don't know about my other 4 legged friends but to me there isn't much better in the world then a good belly rub.

Thanks Mom!!

After the belly rub I was ready for a nap. The day is still young and there is a lot to do!!

After my nap mom loaded me into the car again. I wasn't sure where we were going but I am up for anything!! 

We went to the PETSTORE!!, It was my first trip to the store and I love it there!! The people are so nice and there were kids to say Hi to and give big aire kisses to. I also got to look around and pick out my own toys too!! 

Tough choices
See I behave, sometimes

 So here is my loot, I got some nylabones, Greenies, Poopie bags (I don't understand the reason for this one, who wants to put poop in a bag?!? Humans are so strange) a tag for my collar and I got a Giraffe, I will have to put up my video with the sounds it makes, Its so cool, it makes a duckish sound AND it squeaks!!

I couldn't wait to rip into these!

I haven't had one yet but I will let you know when I do

Odd bags

My new tag!

My Giraffe

I love my Giraffe

I love my Giraffe so much I feel asleep playing with it!! Oh well its been a long but great day. I will bark at you soon!!

Surrounded by my favorite toys!!

Good night everyone and sweet doggie dreams!!


  1. Your giraffe looks great! I know the two of you will have a blast together.

    Nubbin wiggles,