Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun weekend


I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I know I did. It started off a little rough because I had to go to the vet with mom and grandpa for another set of shots and to make sure I'm still healthy. I am now 13.8 pounds, I was weighed of April 21 and was only 7.6 so I'm growing fast!! I took my shots like a champ but I had to get my ears cleaned and I really did not like that.
After the vet mom and I went to grandma and grandpas house to play with my friends Bucky and Zoey.

On Saturday Mom and I hung out and enjoyed the nice spring weather that finally got to WI. I played in the yard a lot that day. Then moms friend Amber came over and hung out for a while with us.

Today Mom and I relaxed in the morning. As you can seeI like to see on her lap when chewing on my toys
We has another really warm day today it hit 80 degrees!! We went on a walk with moms friend Sara and her little Jack Russel Riley

We walked over to Culver's so mom and Sara could have lunch. The people there were really nice to us and brought out a treat and a bowl of water to drink. It was my first walk and I got tired really fast. Mom was nice enough to carry me when I got tired also I took a nap at Culvers but besids getting tired did really good and stayed my moms side the whole time.   

I was pretty pooped after going for the long walk and went home to rest. 

Now there is a storm coming in and I don't like it. The thunder scares me and makes me cry. Hopefully it will be over soon.

I hope everyone one had a fun weekend like me!!

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