Friday, April 8, 2011

First Two weeks

Hello everyone, My name is Charlee.

I am a Airedale terrier who was born on 2/6/2011 and turned 8 weeks old on 4/3/2011. I am pure breed and will soon be AKC regestered (Im excited for that!!) I come from a big family 6 brothers and 1 sister. I am a girl too but for some reason my mom chose a boys name, I heard it was something about me being spunky. Mom has been in touch with my family ever since I was born and has been getting pictures of me ever since I was really tiny.

My mom and grandma picked me up from my old house on Sat 3/26/2011. I can't say that I was happy to leave because I did love being with all my brothers and sister but I put on a brave face and made it the whole 4 hour car ride with no accidents or getting sick. Mom did stop a few time so I could go check out the world though and go to the bathroom.

After the big car ride we finally made it home and what a great home it is!! There is a ton of toys to play with and a fenced in yard for me to play. It’s a little small but that’s ok I make due. I am out there all the time during the day to go potty. I really don’t like going potty in the house and mom is super happy about that. I go to the door and cry every time I need to go. Mom says that makes me smart, I think that just makes me a Airedale.

The first 4 days I was home mom stayed home the whole time with me. We played and had a blast hanging out together. We also had lots of visitors. I can't keep them all straight but I was excited to meet everyone. After all the fun and hanging out with mom those days she had to go to something she calls work. When she goes she loads me in the car and takes me to grandma and grandpas house. I LOVE it there!! They have two dogs, Bucky and Zoey, Bucky doesn’t know if he likes me yet. He is older and can get grumpy when I try to jump and play. Zoey is younger and she loves to play with me. She is pretty small so I have to be careful on how rough I play with her. Sometimes I bite a little too hard and she cries but then she bits me back so she must be ok with it. They have a giant backyard where I can run around and get into all kinds of trouble. I love to hide under bushes but Grandma doesn’t like to try and drag me out of them. I get really excited when mom gets home from work to pick me up. Sometimes I start biting her but it's just because I am so excited I can't hold it all in!! We go home and play with the ball outside and I work off all the energy that I have stored up. When we come inside I crash out on my awesome dog bed. It's pretty big right now but I will grow into it! At night I sleep in my cage and I like having a place that is all mine and no one can disturb me. I don’t make a peep until mom wakes me up in the morning, well I think its morning but it's really dark out so maybe it's still night or just really really early.

Last weekend Mom took me over to Uncle Matt and Aunt Angie's house to meet their dogs, Dudley and Bailey who are wheaten terriers, and spend some time with Brianna (Moms Niece). I had so much fun over there too!! Dudley and Bailey are a lot bigger than me but they were really nice and super curious about me. I tried to bite Dudley but he didn’t like that and I didn’t do it again. I can't wait to go over and play with them again.

Well that is all for now I will keep you posted on all the new fun and exciting stuff I learn in this big world!!

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