Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bad morning

This morning did NOT start off good. Mom came and got me out of my cage and let me outside to do my business. When I came in she ambushed me with these stinky ear drop things that the vet gave her. I cry when I scratch my ears so he said to use the drops once a week. I HATE THEM. They are evil. I squirm away from mom as soon as she tries to put them in. I know she doesn't want to hurt me and she didn't. It is a big job trying to get me to hold still when I use all my Aire power to get away. After a struggle she finally got a little in my ear and nope still don't like it.

 She wants to know if anyone has any hints on giving ear drops??

 I now am happy and chewing on my bully stick. I gave mom a kiss because I know she is just trying to help.

I hope your day had a better start than mine did!!

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